Brook Drive, Green Park


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Completely reimagined the atrium of the signature building at Green Park, Reading.  Instructed by the Landlord, EPD worked extensively with the client to understand the limitations of the current design, the flow of employees and visitors throughout the space and how people interact with the building on a day to day basis.  Whilst workshopping with the client and leasing agents it became clear that the existing configuration, with the reception desk in the centre of the atrium and a small coffee cart to the side, did not service the way tenants utilised the space in reality.

We decided to flip the layout completely on its head by relocating the reception desk next to the back entrance as this was closest to the staff car park & the vast majority of traffic was coming into the building via this route.

An instant game changer, this freed up a huge space in the centre of the atrium; the perfect location for a dedicated café & informal working area to impress visitors and tenants.

We wanted to inject a big dose of greenery to break up the volume of glass and make the environment feel more natural and organic.  This was achieved through a show stopping, 3 storey moss wall which soared from the top of the café all the way up to the roof line.  The natural world was further echoed in another part of the atrium via a textural wall with creeping foliage climbing up, to mimic the look of nature breaking though into the sterile glass environment.

The opposite side of the atrium to the reception was repurposed into a co-working space with a large sharing table which flowed through into intimate pods for private, informal meetings, phone calls or just a bit of quiet time.